5 Common Website Mistakes you Must Clean Up

You must have a running website by now. If you don’t, check out my guide on hiring a website pro here and get your game on. Having a website does not mean you have it all though, there are some important and common mistakes that people do that may be causing you website shame. Don’t worry, these can be cleansed once you know what they are.

Here are some common website shames especially here in Kenya.

Not Having Opt-Ins on your website

What are opt-ins? These are forms that you have on your website, giving a user the chance to opt into your email list. You need to build your email list, this is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you have thousands and thousands of followers on social media, you should build an email list. Your website has some shame if you don’t have opt-ins and also in right place. Have your website developer create for you opt-in forms on your website.

Errors, Errors, Errors

It is very annoying if someone comes to your website and finds typos, broken links, missing or misplaced images. The first impression is how unprofessional your site is, and if someone was to give you a job, they don’t feel so confident about it. Human is to error and someone may have mistakes on the site that they are not aware of. My articles, which are all over the internet, may have mistakes too. However, you have to try as much as possible to keep them at a minimum.  Take audits on your website every now and then to spot these mistakes.

Tone down on that music

There are websites with auto playing music and there is no clear way to turn that off. So annoying, personally, I close the webpage and move to the next thing. If you practically live on the internet like I do, most times you have your headphones on listening to podcasts, or other audio resources on the internet. When you open a webpage and there is loud music and no clear, in-the-open instructions how to shut it off, it is annoying and the immediate impulse is to close that tab. If music appeals to your audience, you can have it on your website, but have a clear instruction on how to shut it off, in case your viewer is better off without it.

No clear path on how people should contact you for your products and services

This is a huge one. The whole reason you have a website is so that people can contact you for your products and services. When one has to turn your website upside down to get this information it is a total turnoff for your potential customer. Remember, in this era, customers have options. Your competitor is just a click away. They will quickly click to the next guy that is offering the same thing as you. Make sure your contact information is available at a glance, and so should be the products and services that you offer.

Clear clear navigation

The clearest marketer always wins.

One thing that should be very clear on website is your navigation. Remember, you are trying to keep your prospects engaged while on your website, and the best way to do this is to show them around. Your navigation buttons should be clear. I know, sometimes, you can desire to get creative on your language and you fancy it up. You can get creative on your content, but not on your navigation. Don’t sacrifice clarity for cleverness. For example, if you are selling hair extensions, you may be tempted to say, “Get that crown taken care of” on the button where one clicks to buy the extension. Great, the hair is every woman’s crown, but one may wonder, O-o what! Use “Buy Extension Here” on the navigation, and leave that fancy language for the content and blog posts. The clearest marketer always wins.

Do you have any of the above shame on your website? Any other shame that we did not address? Let us know in the comment section below.

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