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Social Media Marketing

All of a sudden, marketing in business not about talking to people, it’s about talking with people. Social Media Marketing has changed how business gets to market. To engage customers, it is important to have two-sided conversations. The one sided sales pitch is long gone. ¬†Brand messaging is now in the power of your customer.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is all about engagement. It’s a business’s opportunity to connect with clients and build a long-term customer relationship built on communication and trust. Today, the customer-business power relationship is skewed toward the customer, with every individual able to publicly voice concerns and garner media attention, as every person is now a media publisher.

It’s not possible for a business to undermine ALL public displays of disaffection. In some cases it is not worth the effort. The best a company can do is try to keep their online engagement positive at all times. Only through honest participation can this happen. Long gone are the days when corporate executives hid behind their offices.

Companies are now required to be attentive, aware and have a genuine goal to satisfy their clients.

ACIM helps you grow your business brand using the latest social Media Marketing Tools.

Why Care about Social Media Marketing

  • Brand Recognition
  • More Opportunity to Convert
  • Increased Inbound Traffic

Social Media Marketing leads to more more traffic, more conversions and more customers

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Wachuka Waruingi
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