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Linked In account
What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. By creating an account with LinkedIn, you connect socially with professionals in the industry of your interest.
Why do you need it?
• Millions of professionals are within your each. LinkedIn’s user base now stands at more than 259 million people and counting, up 38 percent year-over-year. It is the best social network for B2B connections.
• Your profile is such an opportunity to show the world of your qualifications, experience and expertise.
• When someone searches for your name on Google, your linked in profile shows top of the search engine results. Human resource personnel are using LinkedIn when hiring to know more about their potential candidates experiences.
• Opportunity for personal branding. Through LinkedIn, share with the world information in your industry, and brand your name as a professional.
How to create a LinkedIn Account
Go to https://www.linkedin.com/reg/join and fill in your details in the provided form. Make sure you use your professional name. The account will give you options of sharing your details with the contacts in your email. It is advisable to skip this step until your profile is finished. You don’t want your contacts viewing your half-baked information.
Setting up your profile
Set up a headline; this is what shows in your search results and it is the first impression your connections get when they view your profile. It shows your areas of expertise and your location.
A professional summary of what you do and what you are good at. While a long and comprehensive summary looks impressive, you need not to make it boring. If your summary can cover all the information you need in a paragraph, the better.
Add a professional photo. People remember faces more than they remember names. A professional photo is one that represents you professionally creating trust and dependability. Avoid using that photo of you while on a drinking spree or that selfie in the bathroom that you really like.
Add your current and past jobs. This is the part you get to show off your experience. State jobs you have worked before, not necessarily full-time jobs, include also any other areas you have experience in. e.g. Add blogger, guest contributor at ACIM.
Add your past education and schools you attended to show recruiters and potential clients the level of your education. Don’t forget to add any credible recognition you may have obtained in these places, especially in the University if you feel they will emphasize on your expertise.
Add projects that you have worked on and the part you played in these projects. They are great on your profile as they add on experience.
Add your links and links to your websites if any, this helps your connections view your work where it exists.


Why you need linked in accountDeveloping your network

The basic reason you joined LinkedIn is networking. Once you have a great profile setup, start connecting with other professionals. Under your contacts menu, click Add Connections, LinkedIn will send invites to your email contacts asking them to connect with you. The importance of your photo comes in here, since LinkedIn does not have an option to customize your invite to connect, people will recognize the photo.
There are a lot of active groups on LinkedIn where you can connect with people in your industry. Join these groups, contribute and learn from others. If you are a regular and active participant, the groups may list you as Top Influencer, this earns you great recognition.
LinkedIn as an Answers Section similar to Yahoo Answers, whereby people ask questions and you can participate in answering. These are better opportunities of showing knowledge in your area of expertise.
How to Post on LinkedIn
Once you have a complete LinkedIn account, you can post articles that have written or share existing content. Pasting a link on the “share an update” tab is one way, as it generates the visible information from the website. Another option is attaching file from your device such as an image then add some texts to go with the image.
The goal of LinkedIn endorsements is to make it easy for people to recognize you for your skills and expertise, without writing a recommendation. Only your first degree connections can endorse you, therefore the more connections you have the greater chances for more endorsements. Your fist degree connections are people you know well meaning they understand your skills and expertise. You can also endorse your connections and in most cases they return the favour.


LinkedIn recommendations are one of the most valuable tools in building up your credibility in the job market place. Unlike endorsements, these have more weight since the people recommending you actually took time to write down a recommendation probably from their experience in a task you performed in the past (not that endorsements don’t carry any weight). You can ask for recommendations from your former managers, bosses, mentors and happy clients so that your connections will gain confidence in your skills.
Ensure you have a complete profile. Luckily, LinkedIn will always ask for more information that you can continue filling in with time making your profile even better. For example, LinkedIn will give you an opportunity to add any publications you have done and would like then to appear on your account.
Creating a company Page
We have gone through LinkedIn professional account, what if you have a company and you want a page for it? Just like you can create a Facebook and Google-Plus Page, you can create a LinkedIn page.
Here is how to:
Go to Add a Company and enter the company name, business details and link. You will receive an email to confirm the request to create the page. Include a high-level description of your business and what it does. Add your products and/or services in details so that your followers can know what you do at a glance. Feature your employees and ask them to follow the page. Make sure your most important products are listed first. Add a cover image that best represents your company and a logo. A company page gets followers not connections as a personal account.
Post company information that you feel is important. Post informative updates that will attract you followers. Keep your updates informative, interesting and professional so that your followers are encouraged to share gaining you more followers.
With a LinkedIn account, you are a step closer to reaching professionals and being one too.


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