Are Your Facebook Page Likes Taking a Dip?

Yesterday, (I am actually late in writing this, but I don’t like giving you guys half-baked information) the internet business people, and public figures, were in panic as their Facebook Pages Likes started dip. One could literally see the page likes decrease every time you refresh and wonder, ‘was it something I said (posted)? Some of the bloggers with huge following experienced a reduction in thousands, within a period of 24 hours. This will continue for the next few days.

Should you worry?

Of course your first reaction is panic mode, especially if you have worked really hard to earn those likes. What Facebook is doing, is that they are removing inactive likes from your pages. Say if someone had liked your page, then they passed away, or their accounts are inactive for one reason or another, their like still remains on your page. Facebook is removing these likes. It’s not the death of social media marketing at all.
This should not affect your page engagement or conversion on the page. On the other hand, it gives reality check, better than thinking you have a huge followership and a big number of them are not active. The real likes will be a true reflection of your brand’s real position.

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In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised if this increases your engagement, as the percentage will be representative of likes from people who are actually interested in your product. The good thing is that if that someone reactivates their account, they will be automatically added back to your likes.

Are Facebook Likes your Yes moment?

Remember likes are not always a good thing if they are not converting, unless if they make you look good of course. Page likes do not directly convert to value. A while back, Facebook stopped displaying posts from pages on the walls of people that do not engage. Pages took to encouraging their followers to like, comment or share the updates if they want to continue seeing more of those.

Facebook Page Likes Falling
While there are those who depend on the masses of the likes, they work for you if they are converting. In some business Facebook pages however, likes represent being popular hence they serve the purpose, whether they were earned or bought. You are likely to gasp when you learn that Lady Gaga has 45 million followers. That works, for her industry, because popularity is key, but for a different business, 45 million followers would be useless if none is converting.
You may want to have some reality check before buying those likes and followers with your hard earned cash.
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