7 Instagram Tips for Marketers

Instagram is taking the internet by storm. With “double tap” becoming a popular phrase especially here in Kenya people are massive sharing their images on instagram. As a marketer, you may be wondering how to use this popular medium to your advantage. It may be working best for those in the industries where photos play a major part, like beauty, fashion, and shopping. Well, I have some steal worthy tips on your to use instagram to grow your business online.

#TIP: Remove your promotional material after the promotion event is over. You don’t want a new follower to think all you do is run promotions.

Be a pro in your field and give tips

Instagram allows you to post photos where one can like, comment on or tag a friend. The limitation of marketers in a not-so-photogenic industry is that they wonder how they can use photos to their advantage and in a way that can work for them. The secret here is, why don’t you create photos of tips, that you can give to your followers and be the pro in your industry. Using some simple image tools, you can create your rips in a nice writing, right size them and upload them on your intagram page. People who are interested in such tips will follow you. For example, for a hotel industry, instead of just sharing how your rooms are luxurious, and how deadly cocktail your baratender makes, you can give tips on dining, which fork to use for what, or how to make a certain pattern with beddings. Keep it creative and interesting. Or even a few tips on how to make a cocktail at home.

Link on your bio

Instagram allows you to have a link on your bio. You can use this link to lead to your website. You can further utilize this link for other purposes. Say you are having a promotion, an event, or a new product you are talking about on your site. You can change the link on your bio to lead to the top issue at the moment, and then once you post on instagram, instruct users to check the link on your bio. This will work at driving traffic to your top news as well as your website.

Easy follow on your inspiration

There is no river without source, same way there is no pro that doesn’t get inspiration from some place. Instagram gives you an easy place to follow the source of inspiration. Be it people, an organization, most of them tend to personalize their instagram and you can easily follow them. If you are into cooking, or home keeping, following Martha Stewart on instagram may give you inspiration or new ideas. Also following people who work out will give you nice working out tips and the like, which you could find very beneficial.

Instagram Contests

Instagram contests are the fantasy land for online shops. Learning how to create instagram contests is crucial especially if you sell online products. People get to participate in contests to win something from your shop. This not only draws attention to your products but also increases your followers. It may also convert your followers into buyers if you play your cards right.


Social Proof

In our upcoming training, we shall look at how to create social proof and how it grows your business. Social proof is important to any business for many reasons, but mainly because it shows trust. Even in businesses before the internet era, word of mouth was and still is one of the main contributors to growth in business. People use referrals as they trust them more that the businesses they don’t know of. A followership in instagram will show social proof and this will work positively for your business.

Mix business and personal life

Instagram gives you the opportunity to mix business with personal life. People tend to trust your business more if they feel like they know you. An occasional post that you make about your weekend hike, your healthy juice, you kid, or a silly thing that you did will make your followers feel a connection to you. This is a follower you can now turn into a buyer, and she will become a buyer who trusts you.

Promotional Banners

This is where we utilize instagram being an image tool to our advantage. When you are running a promotion, create banners with the promotional details into a beautiful eye-catching image. Post this on your instagram and remember to drop the link to the promotional page as I had mentioned above. These promotions will appear on the timeline of the people following you are they can tag people that they think would be interested with what you are offering.

Now marketers run and utilize this awesome social media platform. Secret tip btw: Instagram is growing to the favour of marketers and soon it will be marketer friendly. Drop your email below and I shall let you know when that happens.

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