6 Ways To Ensure Your Social Media Employee Represents Your Business

On the social media platform of one of the beautiful hotels in Naivasha, there was a complaint from a customer about the treatment she received while trying to book the ever busy hotel. She posted her woos on the hotel’s Facebook page. The hotel employee who managed the social media account responded with a very rude, personal attack message on the customer. This escalated very fast and soon there were comments on the hotel, from people who had not even stayed at the hotel ever. The thread attracted some of the most active social media users we have in the country till some guests started withdrawing their bookings. When the hotel called us, they needed some damage control.

Damage control can be done, but it is not as good as preventing the damage in the first place. A lot of businesses have gone into trouble with their customers after what the social media employees posted on the company’s social media platform. One wrong post or a rude response to the customer can lead to reputation damage that is not easy to recover from.

One of the main things business worry about is sabotage by their social media personnel. So, how do you make sure that your social media personnel is posting the right content?

Create a budget for social media

Hire someone specifically for social media. If your business does not use social media actively, you can combine this job description with content management on the website, responding to emails and customer responses. However, some businesses have very active social media that needs someone actively on it. Say companies like busy hotels, Safaricom, Kenya Power and such.


The most important way is to train the social media personnel. Most businesses have not started taking social media as a serious job, and it is easily handed over to the person who has some extra minutes to spare. If you don’t have a social media portion in your marketing budget, you need to set that first.

Social media training is conducted to the personnel so they know what to post, what NOT to post, when to post, how to respond to angry and rude customers, and how to respond to the happy customers and keep them happy. In the training, the social media personnel is also taught on how much their integrity is required of them, and that the position they hold is the online face of the company. Organize to have your social media personnel trained by a reputable internet marketing institution.

Social Media Strategy

Have a social media strategy, to guide on what needs to be posted. Every organization needs a social media strategy. In the training, the personnel can be trained on how to create a social media strategy, or you can outsource a social media strategist to draft a strategy for you. This consultant should be available for consultation and keep an eye on what is being posted, correcting here and then.

Scheduled posts

Thanks goodness for social media scheduled posts tools. On platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and twitter, you can schedule posts such that they will post in your absence. This can help you manage what is posted, by having supervised scheduling of posts, and the social media personnel will only be responding to responses on the posts. That way, you or your social media consultant can keep track on what is being posted, filtering all content.

Treat them right

Some companies will treat the social media personnel like they are not on a real job. Sometimes they are made to run errands since theirs is not a “real job”. I experienced a case where the social media personnel was wronged by the company and proceeded to post a lot of horrible material before they had time to change the password. Let the employees in this department know it is their job to make the company look good, and if it looks bad, they also look bad.

Regular check ups

If you are still not taking your social media seriously, you need to start caring. While writing about why you need to take your business online, I explained on how the online population is increasing and it is possible that all your customers in the near future will have found you online. Therefore, don’t be ignorant on what is being posted, but keep in touch with the social media. You can do it yourself or someone in your company to keep check of what is being posted. If you don’t have time to be on social media, you can set an alert to inform you every time a post has been made. This can keep you on your toes and probably pull down a post you disagree with before it does much damage.

If you would like more information on social media management for your business, contact our social media marketing team make an inquiry. Also, for more content on managing your business online, leave your email below and we shall keep you updated.

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