6 Ways to Attract More Leads on Linked In

How have you optimized your Linked In account? Linked In is one professional platform that you should take advantage of. Do you have a Linked In account? If not, create one by following the steps I wrote on everything you need to know about Linked In. A lot of businesses are transacted by people who met on Linked In. I have had several business deals with people I met on the platform. It however does not appear popular to many Kenyan users. For you to attract leads in Linked in, you have to optimize your profile properly.

Improve your presence.

Have you stuffed your profile with information about you qualifications and experiences and leave it to fend for itself, hoping to get discovered?  As important as your qualifications are important, people looking at your profile want to know what you can do for them. That is what they care about, how you can be of assistance to them. That is what you should explain in your profile. Use the profile as a marketing tool where you can market what you do to the people who are searching for you.

Create influential content

Post content that show you are an influencer and a thought leader in your industry. Talk about emerging trends and changing technology, whatever new changes that are happening in your industry. To be termed as an influential leader, you have to challenge traditional thinking. Most people post on linked in the content that they have on their blog. While it is a way of driving traffic to your website, you should post thoughtful posts about the industry, not all times marketing what is on your site. Remember on Linked in you are hoping to link up with potential customers, sponsors or even potential customers. The question you should write down right now is; Does your content inspire prospects to follow you? You need to prove to be the leader in your industry.

Target the right prospects

The rule of quality vs quantity applies here. Are you just focused on gaining a high following or want to convert the people you have to leads? Target the decision makers then use hot topics to connect and engage with them. Focusing on numbers will lead you to have a high number of following that is not beneficial to you.

Build community and engagement

As much as you are posting the right stuff, are you throwing your shots in the air? To build a community and get engagement, you can create a group. For example, create a group for marketers in the manufacturing, hotel industry, or one that interests you. Here, you can share ideas, share your relevant content and through connections, get leads. Through the right content marketing, you can get hold your members. Integrate linked in with content marketing. You have to give value added offers, which attract decision makers to your content. The point is, don’t be ordinary, stand out.

Nurture relationships

Whatever the relationships you get via linked in, nurture them, provide them what they need. Some of your prospects can see you and they don’t know how you can help them. Sometimes you have to present a solution before you know the problems of your prospects. Nurture relationships with people even when you don’t immediately see how you can work together. I am not saying you pass all your love to every Tom Dick and Harry’s of Linked In, but when someone connects with you, leave a courteous message and let them feel they have a leeway to contact you.

Third party apps to use on linked in

There are third party apps that you can connect with Linked In to help your engagement. One of the commonest is Evernote. It is an app available at the playstore which you can download in your phone and keep all the memos you need via text, or photo. You can also share information with your team via Evernote. Connecting it with Linked In, you can write notes, take pictures, record audios while on the move. Download Evernote and I will be showing you how to link it up with Linked In.

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