5 Steps to Optimize Facebook in Social Media Marketing in Kenya

Most businesses in Kenya today have a Facebook page for their company or their products; some unfortunately have private profiles rather than pages. Some of the businesses have gone ahead to use Facebook without having a clue of what is needed to be done when you market on this social media platform. All in all social media marketing in Kenya has not been taken casually and most businesses engage without a strategy.

We are going to take through a simple step by step guide to answer the fundamental questions why and how you need to market on Facebook.

What is Your Goal for using Facebook in Social Media Marketing in Kenya.

Facebook, like any other form of marketing cannot be delved into without a clear objective to it. Needless to say that most Kenyan businesses have gone into Facebook for the fact that many Kenyans are users. This is a completely flawed reason to be on social media. You would ask why you need a goal yet it is a free service and it engages a large audience without having to use much of your resources.

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Many of us need to be reminded that market segmentation and targeting does not cease to work just because you are on Facebook. Taking the mass market on Facebook may turn out to be futile and very frustrating for any business person. Your goal may be to expose your brand online or to push lead generation and eventually make more sales.

Know your Buyer persona

This is where you have to define your ideal target customer of audience on Facebook. This may be in terms of demographics like age, geographic location, gender and online behavior etc. When you have defined your target, then you need to understand their persona. This will help in having targeted content for them.

Formulate a Facebook Content Strategy

At this point you already have a target audience and you have the content distribution platform on Facebook. All you need to do at this level is to formulate a strategy to which you will reach your audience with the right message that they can engage and appreciate.

This is where most businesses doing social media marketing in Kenya go wrong. They just thrust information on their Facebook pages and hope that some will fall to the right audience.

Distribution of Content

There are various considerations to make when putting out content on Facebook when doing social media marketing in Kenya. Timing, content type and frequency are some of the most important considerations. You need to establish how many times to update content, the ideal time to do it, is the content just text or images or videos? This should be determined by the buyer persona profile that you had done earlier.

Monitoring and Evaluation

At this stage, one needs to evaluate the effectiveness of the channel and make changes or otherwise. Facebook has its insights tool to measure the impact of each status update and its reach and the level of engagement. This will definitely form the basis for action.

Facebook is a very powerful tool in social media marketing in Kenya today and it needs to be taken professionally. It is advisable to consult a social media expert before you can engage in social media.

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