5 Reasons Why Social Media in Kenya is Important

People the world over have taken to using social networks. Social Media In Kenya has not  been left out as people are tweeting, ‘facebooking’, G+(ing) away. The talk among teenagers is all about the many social networks that are coming up and how many they can enter. If one of them doesn’t have a social network site it becomes a big deal. So what exactly is the importance of social media in Kenya?

Helping People Connect

Before the appearance of social networking in Kenya all communication there existed was mail, e-mail and telephones. Social networks like Facebook, twitter, G+ and P interest have helped people to re connect with friends and even make new friends.

It provides a platform for both professional and personal life to exist

Social networking in Kenya has provided an avenue where personal and professional works can co-exist. It’s common knowledge of the term “do not mix personal life with business”. Social media has allowed for this two to mix. Bosses are taking to social networks to communicate with their employees about various issues. Important messages can also be relayed via social networks

Social Media in Kenya keeps us updated

Let’s face it, most of people get to see a lot of breaking news thanks to social networks. Media stations have embraced social media to relay news and reach a lot of people. Since the coming of cell phones and internet on phones, social media has become easy to access. Social media sites have been made phone friendly making it easy to access news.

It is a great marketing tool

Due to the fact that a lot of people visit social networking sites, companies have taken to social media advertise their products and services. Marketing on social media reaches a wider base making companies a lot of money through marketing on the internet.

Through them they can create pages and groups which give the full details about their products and services. It is also affordable and doesn’t have delays in communication. Social media can be a leading traffic generator. When you share your stuff on the social media sites then people get to click on them accessing your website.

Social Media Kenya
Everyone is using Social Media in Kenya except your brand

Social Media Marketing Builds Personalities

Personalities are also using social media to get themselves known. Politicians in the just concluded elections invested heavily in getting themselves known so as to get the ‘big job’. Many of them relied heavily on social media to get their manifestos going and making themselves known.

The recent Big Brother Housemates in the 8th season of Big Brother the Chase are well known through social media. Huddah Monroe one of the contestants is known as the TWEEF QUEEN because of how she has taken to twitter to get herself known. Ann Mbaru on the other hand is a model who is also known thanks to social networks.

Kenyans have the second highest tweets in Africa

Kenya has been placed as the second country in Africa with the highest tweets after South Africa. South Africa is the continent’s most active country by volume of Tweets, with over twice as many Tweets (5,030,226 during Q4 2011) as the next most active is Kenya (2,476,800). This shows just how much people have embraced social networks in Kenya. 57% of Tweets from Africa are sent from mobile gadgets.

Twitter is becoming an important source of information in Africa and the world over. 68% of Africans polled said they use Twitter to monitor news. 22% use it to search for employment opportunities. African Twitter users are active across a range of social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. For every brand that needs to be recognized and people who need to be known, social media in Kenya is the way to go.

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