5 Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media

Is your social media engagement flat and tasteless? Do you have a bunch of followers but your posts are getting no likes, shares or comments? Your product or service could be excellent, but you are killing the game on your social media. Here are some mistakes you could be making.

Generalizing your target

As you get your Facebook likes, you have to ensure that
people liking your page are actually interested in what you have to offer. In the new face of marketing for the 21st Century  Facebook advertising gives you the option of selecting your audience. Your target range could be too wide. For example, if you select an audience from the age of 20 yrs to 55 years, you are doing this all wrong. What would interest a 20 year old is very different from what would interest a 55-year-old. Once you know your target and have obtained their attention, post items that will relate to them. For a 20 year old, post about career choice and dating tips. For a 55 years old, post about new supplements, or anti-ageing creams.

Lack of consistency

Do you wake up on Mondays, feeling all energized, flood your timeline with posts then disappear for a week? You lack consistency in posting. First, if you flood my timeline with 10 posts in 10 minutes, one is likely to unfollow you. They could be trying to read something else but you are getting in the way. This might lead to a drop in your Facebook likes.

Secondly, when there is no engagement on your posts, some social media platforms, like Facebook, will hide your posts from people who don’t engage. You may consider having one or two posts that will really encourage engagement, which takes me to the next point.

Post and Ditch

After you have posted on social media, it is advisable to hang around for a while and engage. Don’t ditch your post there and leave it to work for you, poor post, it cannot do this by itself. To escalate the comments, respond, mention the people who have commented and respond to them in a friendly manner. Remember we are in social media, not a board meeting.

I have seen people post an item for sale, no price, no contact and they disappear. Your customer stimuli will have gone down by the time you come back to engage. By the time you are back to give your price and contact information, customers have already seen something more interesting and they are already onto it.

Lack of Call to Actionsocial media mistakes

Do you put up posts that your customers read and are like, …yeah… so? Think about it, a post like “ Training happening this weekend”, that’s it. The user is likely to scroll down for something more interesting. If you replace the post with, “We are offering Social Media Training this weekend, Want to be a part of it, click here….” This calls for the customer to the action of clicking into the link or banner if they are interested in the training. You have stimulated her mind into thinking taking action by showing them what to do.

Lack of meat on that skeleton- The 3 Es

This is still another common mistake for having a flat post. A post should entertain, educate or empower. This is the meat your posts should contain. They don’t necessarily have to contain all the 3 E’s at the same time, but should at least have an E into it. This encourages results

If you are reading this and thinking, “Yap, I’m guilty”, go ahead and improve your social media game.

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ACIM Admin