The New Face of Marketing

New face of marketing

We cannot deny that marketing has taken a new face. The globe is literally spinning as things change so fast. Gone are the days a manufacturer could make a product and place it on the shelves and customers would come and buy it. They could easily buy it since there was no variety in the market so they had no choice.

In this era, you have to listen to what the customer wants. Listening is an understatement; you have to research and know what the customer wants, make it for them and deliver it right under their noses. So how do you get to where the customers are? Add little more customers to your list, and make the old ones come back for more.

Marketing is the solution, and you have to keep up with the current trends of marketing, because, you know, competition.

Here are some trends of marketing you should not miss out on:


Video Marketingvideo marketing

Remember every time you try to watch something on YouTube and an add pops up? You can’t wait for the 5 seconds so you can “skip ad” but the more the videos you watch the more the ad comes and you decide to watch it and get over with it. Yap, you have been captured, the video marketer has achieved his mission; making you watch the ad. Video marketing cannot be ignored in this generation where customers prefer to watch rather than read material.

Mobile Gadgets

Did you know 70% of people use mobile phones as the main form of communication? Which is a better way to reach these people but through this device? We all know that mini-panic-attack we get when we don’t find our phones for a few seconds. Mobile ads through social media platforms and videos are a great way to reach your customers and let them know of the benefits of your great marketing


Under the same falls mobility. Be it a tablet, a phone, or any portable device, customers prefer stuff they can access while on the move. This is your call to get out of dinosaur era and design websites that are mobile friendly.  If you have not done that for your website, you need to read all blog posts on this website to catch up.

Visual marketing

Visual marketing takes many forms, be it videos, images, inforgraphics, and basically anything that will attract the customer through visual. Whatever you do, make your marketing appealing. This is through the branding, use of great colours, attractive adverts and interesting videos. The baby boomers may have been attracted using the beauty of print, but these generations, X, Y and Z are visual people.


The first thing your customers do in the morning is checking their social media accounts; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like. To reach this audience, ensure your product goes social. Let them wake up to the attractive offers of your product, benefits of your service every morning. Therefore, do not neglect the social media strategy for your business. In fact, it should have a budget of its own, so you can calculate the ROI fair and square like that of the other departments in your organization.

what is trending

Know what is trending and where

In marketing, ignorance is not bliss, it is loss. You cannot afford to not know what the customers want. You have to keep up with them, know what is trending, where, when and why. That way, you will keep up with their wants and demands. Last thing you want is pushing outdated products under their  noses. Urgh! If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to sell me something that has been overtaken by time… To have a competitive edge over your competitors, you need to be a step ahead, always.

Go where the customer iscustomer relations

Customers these days are spoilt for choice. They have what they need right next to them and if they need another one it is just an arm’s length away. You cannot afford to stock up and wrap your arms waiting for the customers to come to you. They won’t. Know where your customers are and literally stalk them. Reach out to them and show them why they should pick your products not the competitor’s. Identify their hang outs and become one of them such that when they reach out to want something, you are an arm’s length way holding it.

Customer Relations

After spreading out all marketing tentacles and reaching those so desired customers, how do you treat them. Remember your most valuable customers are repeat customers. To make them come back, don’t forget to treat them nice. Have you ever vowed never to go back to a restaurant because of a rude waitress? Then you know what I am talking about. ‘Customer is King’ is not just a phrase, it should be practical. Treat them nice as they buy, know more about them so you can advise them on the right products, and even wish them a happy birthday. They will come back feeling like it is home.

To wrap it up, marketing techniques have changed and for your business not to be phased out, you need to keep up. Before venturing into all of the above, ensure you have a website and it has well done SEO, most of your customers are digital, so should you.


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