An Internet Marketing Guide for Kenyans without the Jargon

How do people make money online with their business? Are there any businesses that even dare say that they create business opportunities online?

Those are the first questions we get from our new clients at ACIM. It could be the fear of the unknown or simply the fear of being conned. In Kenya, you have to be careful.

The fact is there are new Kenyan entrepreneurs who are actively using the internet for their marketing purposes. Actually compared to last year, 2012 has been the year for the internet marketing entrepreneur in Kenya.

In the Tourism and Travel industry, this has become increasingly important. Few will forget the story of Bonfire Adventures on Citizen TV that highlighted the growth of one company using Facebook as its main marketing tool.


Where Can I Start in Internet Marketing in Kenya?

Well, to start from scratch; do you know what internet marketing in Kenya is all about?

Internet marketing involves selling or marketing products using internet tools. Such internet tools include; your website, social media, search engines and even word of mouth.

Therefore, it is important to comprehend how to market your products online to a larger worldwide audience the large market.

Identify a Product or Service to Sell Online

Without a product or service, there is no marketing. A lot of people have the idea that you must love your product in order to market it as it deserves. That is only true to a point. It is advantageous to love what you do. But consider loving ice cubes and selling them to an Eskimo.

It would be prudent to look for a product that you know a lot about and has a market in order for you to trade at a profit.

A good SEO company in Kenya should be able to help you identify your target market, and give you the statistics you need to decide on the number of clients expected in your business.

Niche Marketing Introduced

internet marketing jargon
Keeping Internet Marketing Simple

This means that the product should be marketed to certain segments of the populace. For instance, you may wish to sell music but find that you are best equipped to sell music in the gospel market. The gospel market is your niche. You can break the gospel niche into small niches such as vernacular gospel music, choirs, rock gospel music etc.

Choose your niche wisely to avoid serious competition from others.

Make Use of Online Advertising and Media Buys.

Media Buys involve having bloggers and others with online properties talking about your product. It is a method that allows other people to talk about your product. You do know the power of testimonials.

Though internet advertising in Kenya is still new, it is an area that should help your business grow very fast online.

Buy banners to be shown in blogger’s websites. Pay them to review your product and you should be able to gain much traction online.

Make Use of Affiliates

Affiliates are like your salespeople. Actually they are better since it is at absolutely no cost to you. No one will tell you that they need bus fare or need airtime money to make calls. It is a model that is used to perfection by sites like Amazon.

Affiliates have your back. All they do is talk about your product online and increase sales for you.

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Increased traffic to your website means increased sales for you. Increased targeted traffic to your website is incomparable in terms of results. If your website sells black shoes and all the traffic to it is from people who need black shoes, you are sure to see an increase in the bottom line.

So there you go. This was just a short introduction to the things you can do online to increase your business. Internet marketing in Kenya has just started and it is here to stay and forever reshape how business in done.

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