How to Target Audience on Facebook for Free

As much as we take on social media campaigns when running promotions, majority of the time is when we post organically. Social media campaigns are great but you can do them without breaking the bank. I always insist on the right targeting when approaching your customers. You could be dealing with a million followers but they are not the right target for your business. Check what I wrote here about target marketing on social media.

Who is your post directed to?

As you make your daily posts, you must decide first who you want the ad to reach. You can’t settle for, anyone, the more the better. That is a grave mistake. You should develop your ideal customer image first, this we train about, you can check the training here.

Since you now understand your customer, you can target them rightfully using your posts. Break them down in terms of gender, age, relationship status, location, language, and interests. For example, if I was developing a make-up tutorial, I would target women, in their twenties, in urban areas whose interests are fashion blogs, magazines, or lifestyle TV shows. This will narrow down your audience but reach out to the right people.

Your engagement is likely to increase in this case. When you narrow down your target, Facebook ensures it shows the posts to the targeted audience.

How to Upload and TargetFacebook Targeting

How to do this; upload your post on to your Facebook page. Look out for the icons below the posts. Hover your cursor on the icons and see the one for targeting.  Click on the icon, select your target in each category. If you find a certain category is not applicable for the post you are making (like relationship status for my post above), you can always skip or remove it.

You can always experiment with the targeting and find out which works best for your business. Play around with each post and target and record the response you get, say after 24 hours of each post. It will help you identify which kind of customers like a certain kind of post. Remember you could target women in their 20s while the majority of your audience is in their 30s. This takes us back to the customer understanding topic, and this is one gruesome activity you have to take part in. If you are selling to the wrong customer, you are in the wrong business altogether.

In your posts, even when they are correctly targeted, ensure you are not making these social media mistakes. Remember there are a lot of posts on a user’s timeline, yours is just among many and they will easily scroll down to the next post. You therefore should maximize on each post that you put up.

While this post is about organic posting, you can apply the same concept when promoting through social media campaigns too so as to maximize on your response.

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