16 Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketing in Kenya

Your content will determine the success of your digital marketing in Kenya. It’s that simple.

Long gone are the days of creating a 10 page website and expecting it to deliver reasonable e marketing results. In fact, the quantity of the content you produce is no longer as the quality of your content, as well as the distribution of this content

A winning Digital Marketing Strategy = Good Content + Excellent Content Distribution

An effective content strategy will be a mixture of

[dt_list style=”1″ dividers=”true”][dt_list_item image=””]Content on your Website[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Outbound Content[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Supportive Content[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Multimedia Content[/dt_list_item][/dt_list]

Let’s take a look at how your small business can take advantage of this.

Great Content on Your Website

Once you are done with the initial website design, don’t forget that your clients need to see you as the authority. In the recent changes in Kenya SEO, there is more emphasis on authority websites. Thin websites with poor quality content are more likely to lose rankings than gain.

This is one of the reasons why building a blog on your site is mandatory. Some of the content you should add to your website includes:

  1. Articles
  2. Case Studies
  3. Posts
  4. Pages
  5. White Papers

Let’s look at each individually

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Content that Is Outbound

This means content that comes from your website to other websites. This forms part of your content distribution strategy. Don’t forget that people have to see your content. You only increase the chances of people seeing the beautiful information you prepared for them. Go out to where they are and tell them you have something for them.

This is much like hiring a team of sales people to walk around with brochures from your company.

Some of these include:

  1. Tweets
  2. Newsletters
  3. Press Releases

Supporting and Reputation Enhancing Content

digital marketing kenya
The Most Important Elements in Digital Marketing in Kenya

This is rather obvious. Your business depends on your reputation. A poor reputation online is hard to get rid of. In fact, it breeds more bad news about your company. Instead of waiting for bad news about your company, why not build on a good and solid reputation.

Creating content in this arena is essential especially if you want to be the authority in your industry. Some of the tools used include:

  1. Reviews
  2. PDF’s

Multimedia Content…..Because Our Eyes love Being Entertained

Yes, human beings love cajoling their eyes. It’s like candy to the eyes. That is probably whey Youtube is a phenomenon. Have you ever found yourself moving from one video to the next on a video site?

This should be part and parcel of any digital marketing strategy in Kenya. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the things you can do include:

  1. Creating Podcasts
  2. Video Marketing
  3. Webinars
  4. Presentations
  5. eBooks
  6. Books

It may not be possible to do all these at the same time. But it should be possible to create a powerful content strategy that implements them. To start off, you can always start with what your business needs now. For example, if you already have a website, it should only take you a few minutes to create an article, which you can post on Facebook and spread via Twitter.

Digital marketing in Kenya and high rankings now depend on good content.

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