acim history

acim history – growth through action

The ACIM history is one of ups and downs. Like every other startup company, we have had our good days. And a huge chunk of bad days. But we have never lost track of our goal. To improve results for small businesses.

We are Internet Marketing Pioneers in Kenya and are proud of it. Our clients appreciate our innovative steps to make their businesses more profitable. After all, we are also a startup and know what they are going through.

This is just a short history of ACIM. Don’t be surprised to find that it goes hand in hand with the growth of digital marketing in Kenya.

  • 2011

    start with a small service

    We had no idea what we were going to do. Sure, our founder had a lot of experience in the US market, but what do you offer to Kenyan small businesses? We started in a small rented room in Nairobi offering internet marketing training services. It was the first time this was being done in Kenya.

  • 2012

    first employees

    We had outgrown the hourly renting of space and grown to our new offices in Nairobi. We also got our first employees in the company. A few subsidiaries were started during this year. Most of which have now been discarded.

  • 2013

    first SEO BPO in Africa

    By this time, we had grown enough to take on the challenge of offering SEO services worldwide. Our clients were from the USA, Australia, UK etc. We were considered one of the best SEO providers for SEO companies in these countries. Very proud of this period.

  • 2015

    acim — corporation or family

    With the growth of the digital marketing industry in Kenya, our training services were in more demand than ever. We are the only digital company in Kenya that has certified trainers and digital marketing expertise. We started offering consulting and training services in Tanzania and Rwanda.

  • 2017

    acim — corporation or family

    With a major shift in the digital marketing world in the region, we added more responsibilities to our team. ACIM is now a full consultancy with great expertise from our team in marketing. We added more directors to the company and started our own projects. For the benefit of our clients and in readiness of the coming digital explosion in East Africa.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Finding the right partner to help make our goals a reality was key. We wanted to get our brand out there and ACIM did it in no time at all. Just great guys to work with.

wachuka waruingi
Wachuka Waruingi
Founder and CEO, Funzone Restaurant

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