Mobile Advertising in Kenya, Are you there yet?

Want your adverts to be seen by the right eyeballs? If you are a business person who is embracing the change is marketing, you need to embrace mobile marketing. Customers are using more of mobile devices Africa. Research shows that it was estimated that there would be 635million mobile phone subscribers by the end of 2014 and this will have risen to about 930 million in 2019.

Did you know that 70% of internet users access the internet via mobile devices as compared to 6% who use desktop computers? Internet use in mobile phones is expected to in 20 fold in the next five years in Africa, double the rate of growth in the rest of the world.

This is your cue to go mobile. Mobile advertising allows you to access great number of audience, be it whether they are using smart phones or note. Some of the avenues in mobile advertising are:

SMS Channels

At the end of call back, top up SMS, the client will be able to see your advert and a link to your website, where they can get more information about your product and services. This gives your business a chance of being viewed by people who are concerned with your product.


The USSD allows for advertising at the bottom of USSD requests made by mobile users. Same as SMS, your product is displays to a wide volume of recipients.

Short Codes

Care to reach your customers through the use of short codes? This can be done for you; whereby you design your campaign, and get your customers to participate by sending SMS to your short codes. This is especially useful when running a promotion.


 Want your customers to view a video, animation of your product from a print ad? Zappar is an app that you can download from the play store. Using a demo code that has been created specifically for your product, a user scans the code using the Zappar app and sees a whole detailed video about your product. This helps bring your ad into life, whereby the audience can see full features, beating the limitations of print adverts. You can have your demo embedded onto your business card, brochures and other print material.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Reduced Costs

Let’s face it, billboards, TV Ads, Radio, and newspaper ads sometimes fall short of your expected ROI. Plus, how many people see these adverts? With mobile phone advertising, you are assured of a huge number of recipients of the ad and thus higher conversions.

Tracking Conversions

Speaking of conversions, the advantage of mobile advertising is that you can actually see the metrics of how many people viewed your ad, and how many acted on them. Getting real-time feedback on your adverts is important for every business person so that they can measure ROI.

Competition and New Idea

So everyone is advertising, widely. What will make your product stand out from competition?  Be different, adopt the new ideas and let the others play the catching up game. It’s a shame how many watch and idea get adopted by others, see how it works and by the time they are taking it up it is old news.

Targeted Marketing

One of the biggest, yet most assumed tip in marketing is on target marketing. This is where by you know who is sitting in your audience and narrow your adverts specifically for them. Our mobile marketing is able to target the exact eyes you need for your advert. Say your product is for women, aged 25-30, in Nairobi, it is possible to show your advert to these specific people.


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