SEO Social Media

Sometimes what you need is a quick boost in traffic from social media. In this case study, the client needed traffic from tumblr. So we went ahead and created a complicated social media campaign for them. Uploading images and liking, rebloging etc. We shall let the pictures speak for themselves. Contact Us Today [formcraft id='1']

Social Media Marketing

The problem with social media in Kenya is that people don’t easily like pages. Especially if its a corporate page, people want to have fun and not be sold to. So we came up with a proprietory social media strategy that brings engagement and sales. Find out more.

David Chola

David Chola is one of the leading architects in Kenya. Having worked in some of the most prestigious architectural projects in Kenya, he decided to try marketing his services online. As one of the initial members of ACIM training, he has managed to carve a niche out for himself online. All the work done on…